How Parents Can Encourage Creativity at Home

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Creativity can be placed in the halls of a child’s life life in the simplest of ways.  Crayons and brown paper bags on a table, wooden spoons kept next to funky steel pans, an inviting couch with colorful books laying on the cushions.  Something as easy as having access to a blank piece of paper sparks creativity.  This may seem odd when so many adults shy away from the idea of the white canvas.  Research shows that children who draw frequently “do better in reading and math and shine at focusing on learning tasks.

Making choices about the materials they use to create empowers your child and opens her eyes to possibility in the world she lives in.


How Can You Encourage Creativity?

The same tools that help a teacher encourage creativity can easily be assimilated in your home environment.  Here are some ways to tangibly begin this process:

  • provide a space for your child to explore art and creativity with minimal restraints.  Find an area that is not carpeted so there is no need to worry about accidental paint spills or give your child some guidelines such as covering the table before beginning and having aprons available.
  • Adapt the space to accommodate your child’s expressed interest and add a few items that the child may be interested in exploring next.
  • Use words like “What do you like best about your painting?”  Tell me about what you have here.”
  • Use creative problem solving in everyday conversation.  Make brainstorming a part of everyday conversations

Sparking creativity can be a natural part of your life.  Taking walks and talking about nature, inviting the child to bring a journal and crayons with you, taking pictures together and talking more about them after you finish the walk.  On different days, discuss this walk and talk about differences in that experience versus another time you took the same path.  You can also try these ideas with your adult friends.


Book Review: Q & A a Day for Creatives – a 4 Year Journal

Book Review: Q & A a Day for Creatives – a 4 Year Journal

I have wanted to find an organized way to draw every day and this book seemed like it would be the perfect fit for me.  The book has beautiful paper and is formatted in an inviting way.  
The trouble for me is that it felt terribly overwhelming to have a journal that laid out 4 years with each page divided into 4 sections.  I can see how this would be a cool idea to watch the evolution as the years go by, but for me it was just too intimidating to even begin.
 NOTE: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.